Wakefield School is proud to announce Evelina Edens as being recognized as a Commended Student for the 2016 National Merit Scholarship

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Provided by Wakefield School

Evy Edens scored in the top 3% of all students in the United States that took the PSATs last year. Evy is an extraordinary person with many talents. Headmaster David Colon is quoted as saying, “What impresses me about Evy is the breadth of her achievements. She excels in the classroom, but her work as an artist takes her well beyond what one might imagine a top-performing student does. I’d say the same thing about Wakefield students in general. We have a collection of talented young women and men who take what they learn and consistently use these talents outside of school.”

There were over 1.5 million students that sat for the PSATs in the United States. Evy ranked in the top 50,000. Her parents commented, “We are so proud of Evy and all that she has accomplished in her 14 years at Wakefield. The National Merit Scholarship commendation is a true testament to Wakefield’s success at helping its students realize all that they can accomplish.“

On the same note, the Wakefield class of 2015 scored higher than the National Mean, Virginia Commonwealth Mean and Virginia Independent School Mean on the SATs. Wakefield’s College Counselor Matt McDonough states, “This is entirely typical for Wakefield students. They continue to outperform and do well on the SATs and ACTs.”

Congratulations to Class of 2015 and Evy for outstanding performances on the standardized tests!


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