Walking Your Dogs

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Provided by Fetch! Pet Care

Fetch! Pet Care

Over the past year and counting, many pets have gotten used to having company all day, every day. As work outside the home starts up again, pets will need other ways of getting the activity and social contact they need.

For dogs, that means making sure they get regular walks, not just morning and evening walks. Just like humans need exercise, so do our four-legged friends!

While all dogs should have at least 30 minutes to two hours of walking every day, some dogs have unique needs:

  • Working dogs can benefit from up to one to two hours of walking a day.
  • Overweight dogs and puppies benefit from short, frequent walks.
  • Senior dogs need regular walks to maintain their mobility and keep them active as they age.

Walking provides dogs with the exercise they need to stay healthy. It also gives them mental and social stimulation that can help prevent boredom and destructive behaviors. Without enough exercise and stimulation, dogs may mark in the home, bark constantly, overgroom, or destroy furniture and belongings. Regular walking can also increase a dog’s lifespan!

For people who cannot walk their dogs during the workday themselves, consider hiring a midday dogwalker. Most dog walking services provide different lengths of visits so owners can choose the walk length and frequency that best suits their dog.

A healthy, active dog is a happy dog!


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