Go Wardrobe Green

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By Roxy L. Rowton of Everyday Refinement

shoe.belt.purse.scarf.displayOn April 22 more than 190 countries will commemorate the annual celebration of Earth Day. A day of international solidarity and observance dedicated to the reforms and protections of the environment. After decades of unprecedented fashion consumption, stylish women are beginning to rouse from the deep slumber on the harmful impacts an insatiable appetite for clothes and accessories can have on the environment. For fashionistas and style mavens it need not come to the abandonment of the motto of “looking good,” but to a simple practice of becoming more thoughtful about eco-conscious alternatives to fashion and wardrobe purchases.

“Buy less, Choose well, Make it last.Vivienne Westwood

Buy Less

Every woman should have clothing items to express style and to wear for varied activities of real life. However, an over-stuffed closet can actually discourage originality and stimulate a craving for more clothing items and another “shopping fix.” An examination of the entire collection of the wardrobe stored in the closet in relation to the garments that work best for style and lifestyle sheds illumination on the buying of less clothing items for a fashionable wardrobe.

Choose Quality

Becoming an eco-conscious shopper includes a shift in fashion consumption from more is better to quality is preferable. The purpose is to possess a few great outfits for each of the varied activities rather than a wide choice of clothing pieces to soothe every whim or fancy. Quality represents an investment and a savings to the wearer and the environment.

Maintain It Well

A maintenance strategy is essential to the welfare of the wardrobe. Improper handling, storage, and care of clothing items are toxic to longevity and wearability. No overcrowding in the closet, no suffocating with plastic storage containers, no over-cleaning by washing or dry-cleaning, and no overheating from clothes dryers will enable the garments to be worn for several seasons and protect the environment from toxic products and harmful consumption.

A thoughtful plan for the selection of clothes and a maintenance program to care for them can provide a sustainable, fashionable wardrobe for many seasons to come, as well as preserve our environment for centuries to come.


Roxy L. Rowton is a wardrobe and personal style consultant.  She assists women to develop a wardrobe concept to reflect their style and and lifestyle, sharing her techniques for wardrobe construction and selection, as well as assisting with positive, practical solutions for getting dressed with ease and confidence. Learn more at everydayfinement.com.


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