Water Quality Awareness and Community Science Engagement

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Provided by Prince William Soil & Water Conservation District

Special thanks to all the Conservation District’s volunteers! Their hard work and dedication in protecting water quality across Prince William in April 2022 got recognition as the 2021 Winner of the National Earth Team Award by the National Resources and Conservation Service (NRCS, USDA).

More achievements were recorded in 2022 under the Water Quality programs:

  • The Adopt-A-Stream/Pond/ River Program registered 39 cleanup events which covered over 88.62 miles of streams. This intercepted over 27,970 pounds of debris from reaching the Chesapeake Bay. 1,199 litter bags and 134 tires were collected during over 3,376 hours of volunteers’ time.
  • The Biological Monitoring program registered 20 monitoring events with over 128 participants. Four new certified monitors and a certified trainer were added to the program. Thanks to Prince William County and Manassas City school systems for their engagement to promote science and data. Thanks to the Town of Dumfries Public Works Department for promoting E. Coli monitoring, which is open to the public.
  • The Chemical monitoring program collects the following chemical parameters, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, pH, and temperature. Nine new monitors joined the program in 2022, adding 22 new sites to the program’s map. Over 670 monitoring events were recorded. This registered over 538 hours of volunteer time.

Overall, the Conservation District’s Water Quality programs saved over $129,618. of taxpayers’ money as of Independent Sector Volunteer Rate ($29.95/hr.).

Special thanks to all the local organizations, corporate sectors, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and the County Government for their extra support of the program.

 Some Upcoming Water Quality Events

  • Jan. 21: Biological Water Quality Monitoring in Lake Ridge
  • Feb. 11: The 5th Annual Prince William Native Plant Symposium
  • March 4: Water Quality and Certification Event
  • March 11: Bull Run Protectors Cleanup
  • April 14: Potomac Roundtable Meeting in Prince William County
  • April 24-28: National Water Quality Monitoring Conference
  • Sept. 23: Occoquan River Cleanup (PWTSC)

Biological Water Quality Monitoring

Come get the Experience or Certification on March 4, 2023. Do you want to become a Certified Water Quality Monitor? Virginia Save Our Streams Certified Monitors collect biological data and support the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) with data from the hundreds of miles of streams in Virginia that its staff cannot cover.

Contact Veronica Tangiri, waterquality@pwswcd.org



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