Watermark Designs Introduces Another Customizable Faucet Collection

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Provided by DRS and Associates

Elements with a variety of handle options

Watermark Designs, the Brooklyn-based designers and manufacturers of plumbing fixtures and faucets, is once again redefining what custom faucetry means. If customization has become the hallmark of great design, Watermark Designs wants the industry to know that they’ve been making custom offerings standard for almost as long as they’ve been manufacturing in their factory in Brooklyn. Watermark’s new Elements collection is ratcheting up how faucet choices are determined – not by the manufacturer, but instead by the consumer. With innumerable combinations, Watermark introduces Elements.

“We’ve always considered our collections bespoke: customization is a hallmark of Watermark Designs,” says Avi Abel, president of Watermark. “As a smaller manufacturer, we are able to offer customers options, finishes and designs that you just cannot get in mass-produced factories. Our Elements collection is the continued evolution of how far we can go with custom designs. The materials, the finishes, the styling and even a website are all dedicated to the pursuit of tailored design.”

The Elements collection is comprised of:
Fourteen handle styles, which are called Covers and which were designed by the Watermark Designs Studio, are grouped into four material categories:

Created by JM Lifestyles, USA
Hand poured, sealed and reinforced concrete
Choose from: Chalk, Military, Poured & Screed


Created by Marmi Serafini, Italy
Uniquely hand-finished natural stones and marbles
Choose from: Carrara, Exquisite Rose, Jungle & Volcano


Created by WoodForm, USA
Real wood grain and texture captured and sealed into concrete
Choose from: Charred, Ground, Smoked & Teak


Created by Anka, UK
Handworked and lacquered liquid metal
Choose from: Oil Slick & Oxblood




Each Cover has a base, which is made of brass and available in any of Watermark’s 24 finishes. Along with the base, there are two options for Inserts, which are decorative and help provide additional grip. The Inserts are available in two styles: Bridge style and Scallop style. These Inserts are also available in any of Watermark’s 24 finishes. The Inserts are snapped into place and held using Watermark’s patent pending rare earth magnets.

The collection has several faucet Body choices – also available in 24 finishes. Taken together, the number of design options is almost 387,072!

With the many options available for Elements, the design team – a collaboration with Watermark Designs’ UK partner, The Watermark-Collection, and Watermark Designs – developed a website exclusively for Elements. The site will act as a tool to help people design their individual Element collection. Once designed, they can purchase their unique design from a local showroom.

You can experience the website here: watermark-designs.com/configurator


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