Westminster at Lake Ridge’s Assisted Living Residences Focus on Individual Growth

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Sponsored by Westminister at Lake Ridge

By Katrina Wilson

Need to look at extra assistance for your older loved ones? You may want to consider a life plan community, also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). A life plan community provides different levels of care, support, residences, programs and amenities for older adults.

Westminster at Lake Ridge, a nationally CARF-accredited CCRC, offers independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing all with a person-centered approach. 

Westminster at Lake Ridge

Westminster at Lake Ridge’s assisted living residences offer holistic fitness and well-being programming, which promotes individual growth and engagement and provides additional support.

According to Westminster at Lake Ridge, when searching for an assisted living community, do not wait until the move is needed. This saves time, questions, and concerns when it is time to find an assisted living community for loved ones or yourself. It is important to consider an individual’s needs and preferences when researching a community and understanding what assisted living is and what it offers. During your search, consider health, wellness, amenities and program offerings:

  • Think about potential future health needs. This is the benefit of moving into a life plan community with various levels of care.
  • Don’t wait until the move to engage and interact – a good relationship with the community should happen before the move, including connecting with residents and staff.

One Family’s Story

Westminster at Lake Ridge

Ali Cohen with her mom, Barbara.

Ali Cohen, whose mom is an assisted living resident at Westminster at Lake Ridge, shared their family’s story. “My mom had specific requirements from the levels of care offered to which direction her window faced … That gave me a solid framework for research. I visited probably a half dozen places to check out the rooms, amenities, food, security and certifications. The research process of finding the right home for mom was labor intensive and took quite some time.”

Cohen’s mother moved into Westminster at Lake Ridge about 10 years ago as an independent living resident. Cohen said that the Westminster at Lake Ridge staff took the time to call her mother several times and built a personal connection with her. The staff dedicated their time to making her mother feel comfortable with the idea of leaving her hometown in Ohio and joining the Westminster at Lake Ridge community.

It was later when Cohen and the family noticed her mother purchasing duplicates of items she already possessed. She was overwhelmed with keeping her checkbook on point and tracking her appointments. Additionally, her mother’s posture and gait changed to the point of needing physical therapy.

“When she came back from the hospital after a surprise cancer surgery and rehab, she moved to assisted living,” Cohen said. “She receives first rate care, and I am kept informed of anything different happening with her or her medications.”

Additionally, Cohen said that her mother would be surrounded by dedicated, friendly, and knowledgeable people who really got to know her.

Westminster at Lake Ridge’s Offerings

Westminster at Lake Ridge

The Atrium, one of the many spaces within assisted living where residents can socialize and engage in a variety of programs safely.

“We are dedicated to providing an active living experience and continue to adapt our life enrichment programs to keep residents engaged and spirits lifted,” said Westminster at Lake Ridge Executive Director Paul Gregg. “We remain steadfast in supporting the well-being of the residents and staff from all levels of care, including assisted living.”

Westminster at Lake Ridge’s assisted living residences offer holistic fitness and well-being programing. Both promote individual growth and engagement and provides additional support, including:

  • Person-centered service plans supported by licensed and caring staff 24/7
  • Delicious dining featuring three nutritious chef-prepared meals catered to your preferences and dietary needs, plus healthy snacks
  • Therapeutic and recreational Life Enrichment Programs
  • Daily housekeeping services
  • All utilities included
  • Onsite security 24/7
  • Emergency call system with onsite nurse response 24/7 

Learn more at wlrva.org. Call 703-783-4355 or email infowlr@inglesideonline.org to set up a call to discuss your individual needs.



Katrina Wilson resides in Chantilly with her husband. You can follow her on Twitter @KatrinaMWilson_. She enjoys spending time with the seniors that helped shape her present.                                         



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