What you should be saying and doing: How to communicate during uncertain times.

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Clients and Friends,

Everyone is talking about the Coronavirus. As always, we will provide you up to date information from reliable sources at www.pwliving.com,  so that you can make informed decisions. Regarding community events, we recommend you check the source of the event for the most updated information on cancelations.

We are fortunate here at Prince William Living to be able to work from home and utilize the internet for our business.  While you might not be able to do that completely, here are some things you can do:

Have as many meetings by phone or video as possible.

Use resources like video conferencing and online phone appointment setting as well as email to stay connected.  Chat buttons on social media and your website can help keep you connected with your clients and potential customers.

Communicate with your contacts as to what you are doing in your business to address the situation

Example: Have you stepped up your cleaning schedule?  Created teams to work in shifts, so if one person contracts the virus, the team can be taken out of circulation without affecting the rest of the teams? Whatever your plan, articulate it to your employees and customers.

Be a leader and calm your team and your audience.

Let your clients know things they CAN do – what services do you still offer, what can they do in your market to protect themselves. Videos or blogs will help your consumers to understand your market and how it is not the end of the world. Be a voice of reason, give them options, and let them know how you will be available to help.

If you need help with this messaging, find out how our team of writers can help you: www.rebeccabarnes.media

Stay Safe,

Rebecca Barnes

Publisher, Prince William Living


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