Where have all my bookmarks gone?

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Finding what you need on the Prince William County website.

By Rebecca Barnes

Change is sometimes hard at first, but a little patience is usually necessary for progress. Prince William County has upgraded their website and it might have you a little “lost” if you use their site often. The County completed a review of the existing website, as well as comments that users provided over time, and decided it was time for a website replacement. A cross-department team worked on the website replacement project for several months to ensure the County provides a product that is user-focused and provides the information residents, business owners, and other stakeholders need.

The address has changed from www.pwcgov.org to pwcva.gov. The good news is the old main address forwards to the new address.  What you may not have access to, are any bookmarks saved, which can be frustrating if you use them regularly.

Never fear, the search bar is here!  If your old links don’t work, or you just don’t know where to go, type in the search bar, where it says “What are you looking for today” with the keywords and all your choices will pop up.

The new site is easy to navigate, has a fresh look and feel, requires fewer clicks, provides an intelligent, robust search engine, and is faster, mobile responsive, and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Content is presented clearly with adequate spacing, images, and icons to tell the County’s story and provide details the community needs about programs, services, tools, and resources. As they work to get old links connected to new links,  just remember, it might take a second to locate, but it’s simple and worth the search!



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