Why You Need a Squeaky Clean Trash Bin

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By Amy Taylor

Sponsored by Squeaky Clean Bins

You probably don’t think too often about cleaning your outside trash bin. After all, its sole purpose is to hold stinky, nasty garbage. So why bother cleaning it if you’re just dumping trash in it again? As it turns out, there are several good reasons to have a clean trash bin.

A clean trash bin helps protect you and your family’s health.

You probably know that your trash bin can house billions of bacteria. With the filth that accumulates in a warm, dark environment, it’s the perfect petri dish to grow all sorts of germs. When you roll that bin back up to your house, or even into your garage, you’re placing a cesspool of germs near your living space.

You get bacteria on your hands from touching the lid and handle, which then transfers to doorknobs, the sink, the soap dispenser, and that’s only if you remember to wash your hands right away.

Germs aren’t the only creatures fond of living in dirty trash bins. Bins make ideal places for maggots and other insect larvae, mice, rats and other vermin. All of these can carry diseases that are spread through their fecal matter, particularly the rodents.

Cleaning your trash bin regularly can cut down on your family’s exposure to unnecessary disease-causing germs.

Regular cleanings prevent nasty smells from forming.

Nobody wants to lean over their dirty trash bin and take a deep whiff. Along with bacteria and fecal matter from vermin in your bin comes the lovely odors that they put off. Those smells emanating from your trash can are likely the waste materials put out by bacteria colonies as they feed off the grime, smells of decay or even dead rodents.

Regular cleanings prevent nasty odors that can cause stink in and around your home.

Cleaning your bin creates a clean home and neighborhood environment.

Have you ever been out walking your dog on trash day and caught a whiff of all the dirty trash bins? It doesn’t make for a relaxing experience. Cleaning your bin regularly helps create a healthier and cleaner environment both in your home and in your neighborhood.

What’s the best way to clean your trash bin?

You could opt for a DIY job and scrub the bin yourself with bleach and water, but there’s a better way. There is a professional cleaning service that will clean your bins right at your curb, eliminating all the mess, harm to the environment and effort on your part.

Joshua Pacheco, owner and operator of Squeaky Clean Bins, says that his company’s professional cleaning is more environmentally friendly than the standard homeowner’s cleaning job.

His company does not use any harsh chemicals in their cleaning process. “What kills the smell and bacteria is water that is heated to over 200 degrees. Most people who clean their own trash bins use bleach, which is then washed down the driveway and into the sewer system. We use about one gallon of water per bin.  If you were to use a pressure washer or hose, an average homeowner would use 10-15 gallons. Lastly, all the waste water is contained in our trailer and goes through a filtering process. The water can then be reused,” Pacheco said.


Amy Taylor (ataylor@princewilliamliving.com) is a Contributing Writer for Prince William Living.


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