Winter Repairs

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By Vickie Williamson

February is one the coldest months of the year. When we’re not outside shoveling snow or scraping our car windows, we can feel trapped inside our homes. This is a good time to take care of some of those home repairs that we’ve been putting off for months. Let’s take a look at some of the most common indoor repairs that can be done by the homeowner with very little skill required.


  • Bathroom: Re-caulking the tub is one of those necessary evils that must be done once per year in the average bath. Removing the old caulk is probably the most tedious part of this project. Use a utility knife to make the work easier. Once you’ve removed the old caulk, use a little rubbing alcohol to remove leftover residue and to lean any mildew. Carefully apply the new caulk while smoothing out and removing any extra before it dries. Let it dry for at least a day before using the shower. Check the toilet water lines and replace the flapper or flushing handle if needed. Seems to me I always have at least one toilet that doesn’t work as it should. Now that you have more time inside, fixing this problem will conserve water and reduce your utility bill.
  • Kitchen: If your faucet is showing its age or is just plain outdated, then now is a great time to replace it with a new one that will last for years and instantly update the room. Minimal knowledge of water lines is needed. If you need some guidance before starting this project, check online for instructions and how-to videos.
  • Throughout: Touching up paint is one household project that never seems to end. By the time I’ve completed this, it’s time to start over again. Just turn up the music and enjoy the exercise as you paint.

Prince William resident Vickie Williamson owns Fine Design Custom Framing & Interiors in Woodbridge. She has worked in the fine art, framing and decorating industry for more than 25 years and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.


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