Winterize Your Closets and Make De-cluttering a Family Affair

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By Douglas Martz

Cool weather is here. Temperatures drop, and we switch from summer wardrobes to winter ones. But are your family’s closets ready? You may have adjusted your own closet, but are your kids still pulling out shorts and tank tops instead of coldweather gear for school? If so, maybe it’s time to winterize all the closets in your home with some family closet de-cluttering.

Make the De-cluttering Process Fun

If you don’t take on too much at a time, de-cluttering can actually be a fun and freeing way of getting rid of what you don’t need and restoring order. Set aside enough time, so tackling the kids’ closets is not a rushed process. Focusing on closets and clothes drawers only, work side by side with a child. In a shared bedroom/closet situation, each child will need equal time and attention for a successful result.

  • Take everything out of the closet and drawers, so the whole wardrobe is being evaluated.
  • Consider every piece of clothing and footwear as to fit, condition and seasonal appropriateness, trying on anything questionable and putting it to a vote, if necessary.
  • Have the standard “help” boxes available (discard, donate and out-of-season storage) and use them generously.
  • Be sensitive about things that you like but they hate, and let them have a say in what to keep.
  • Let your children help with final closet and dresser organization, so they’ll stay with the new plan.
  • Use decorative wall hooks for daily-use items like pajamas, jackets, and hats, freeing up space in the closet.
  • Make a list of needed items and something extra-special, and plan a shopping trip for new clothes and accessories as a reward for sticking to the task.

An organized closet will help your children avoid the angst that can accompany getting dressed in the morning since they’ll have the right clothes at their fingertips. Building a wardrobe of clothes that your children like will help them feel good about themselves and encourage them to take better care of their clothes.

Douglas Martz is the president of Tailored Living featuring Premier Garage.


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