Women’s History Month at Masroor Mosque

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Provided by Masroor Mosque

Every year, the month of March is observed the Women’s History Month. This year, members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community are celebrating 100 years of its establishment in America. In February 1920 the first missionary, Mufti Muhammd Sadiq, arrived in Philadelphia. With his arrival the community officially became the oldest Muslim organization in the U,S.

Member of Masroor Mosque Chapter of Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Auxiliary USA take pride in various community services and humanitarian projects. The women have contributed in many different ways, ranging from sponsoring Charity Fundraising Dinner, food drives, school supply drive, coat drives, meal packaging, adopting a highway and so on.  Ahmadi Muslim women have also been actively engaged in outreach, interfaith and open mosque events to promote mutual harmony, build bridges of understanding, contribute in community education and celebrate our diversity as Americans.


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