Woodbridge Artist Participates in Michaels In-Store Selling Pilot

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By Carole Keily

Christiane Mayfield

Meet Christiane Mayfield, the creative force behind Chiwawagear, a brand renowned for its exquisite handmade pet accessories. Her passion for crafting has transformed into something remarkable.

What started as a simple act of love for her Chihuahua, Luna, has now blossomed into a thriving business, set to be featured at Michaels—a testament to Christiane’s dedication and talent.

 Christiane’s journey began in 2012 when she crafted her very first homemade dog harness for Luna. The meticulous attention to detail and undeniable quality of her creations (no doubt due to her training and work experience in Germany as a seamstress) didn’t go unnoticed. Friends and family were quick to admire the craftsmanship, sparking the idea of sharing her designs with a wider audience.

Christiane said, “When I went to a pet expo with Luna, I purchased a little dog vest from a vendor and I wasn’t impressed with the quality, so I took it apart and created my own dog vest for her. That’s how it all started!”

Thus, Chiwawagear was born, offering pet harnesses, collars, leashes, and accessories, each imbued with Christiane’s passion for both pets and crafting.

As a longtime patron of Michaels, Christiane found a natural fit for her handmade creations on MakerPlace by Michaels—a platform dedicated to empowering artisans and fostering their growth. MakerPlace provided Christiane with an avenue to showcase her products as well as a supportive community of fellow artisans and enthusiastic customers.

What excites Christiane the most about showcasing her products at Michaels’ MakerPlace in-store pilot is “being able to gain more exposure on Michaels’ unique handmade platform.” She continues, “It is my hope that new potential customers will get to see my unique handmade designs and quality workmanship firsthand.”

The partnership with MakerPlace has been transformative for Christiane’s business, enabling her to expand her online presence and connect with a diverse clientele who share her appreciation for authentic, handmade goods. And now, the next chapter of her journey unfolds as she prepares to debut her products at Michaels in Woodbridge—a milestone that reflects the culmination of her hard work and dedication.

 Michaels is embracing the spirit of local craftsmanship by hosting an in-store selling pilot for MakerPlace artisans. On Saturday, April 20, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., customers at the Woodbridge Michaels location (14137 Crossing Place) will have the opportunity to discover and shop from a curated selection of high-quality goods crafted by local artisans, including Christiane’s beloved Chiwawagear.

 This exciting event showcases the talents of artisans like Christiane and also highlights Michaels’ commitment to supporting the maker community and providing customers with access to unique, handmade treasures. Shoppers will have the opportunity to engage directly with the creators behind the products, forging meaningful connections and celebrating the art of handmade craftsmanship.

Mark your calendars for April 20 and experience the magic of connecting with local makers while supporting the thriving community of artisans shaping our world, one handmade creation at a time.

Carole Keily is Prince William Living‘s Online Editor.



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