Woodbridge High School Alumni and History Wall

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Provided by Prince William County Schools (PWCS)

When retired principal Alan Ross helped to organize the “50 Years of WSHS” celebration four years ago, he wanted to find a way to represent both the history of Woodbridge High School and acknowledge alumni contributions. “I noticed the lack of a picture in this building of the original WSHS (now Woodbridge Middle School) and I thought we should have one on the walls somewhere in this building to acknowledge where we came from,” stated Ross.

Ross and current principal Heather Abney are continuing to work on ways to include alumni and invite them to reconnect with Woodbridge High School. Working together, they came up with the idea of an alumni and history wall display.  Both agree the wall is a good start, but they have to do more. “There is still plenty of history from the past that we can represent here and plenty of history still to be made. Some of it will be represented on this wall,” said Ross.

The grand unveiling of the alumni and history wall happened recently with alumni, current students, current and former teachers, and School Board Vice Chairman Lillie Jessie (Occoquan) all in attendance. This display is between the main lobby and the gym lobby, with a photo of the original school building, displayed for everyone who comes to Woodbridge High School.


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