Woodbridge Supervisor Frank J. Principi Calls for Increased Investment in Schools and Economic Development in FY18 Budget

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Provided by Supervisor Frank Principi’s Office

Woodbridge Supervisor Frank Principi

Woodbridge Supervisor Frank J. Principi released the following statement regarding Prince William County Executive Christopher Martino’s FY18 Proposed Budget presentation:

“While there are many things to be pleased with in the FY18 Proposed Budget, I am concerned that there has not yet been a serious conversation about addressing school overcrowding and reducing the number of portable classrooms presently in use throughout the County. Superintendent Waltz has done an admirable job outlining a plan and I call on my Board colleagues to closely examine what we can and should do to implement a strategy that will finally put an end to an issue that has impacted students, parents, teachers and school administrators across Prince William.

I am equally disappointed that the Proposed Budget does not seem to place a clear and decisive focus on economic development, particularly along the Route 1 corridor in eastern Prince William County. With over two-thirds of residents leaving Prince William County daily for work, and over $350 million dollars invested (or to be invested) in the Route 1 and Neabsco Mills widening projects, and tens of millions more invested in new sidewalks and bike paths, it is time for Prince William County to focus on developing new, good paying jobs closer to home.

It is time to get serious about economic development. With an increase in the BPOL threshold included in the Proposed Budget and a recent agreement in the Strategic Plan that the Board of Supervisors would work toward increasing our commercial tax base to 35%, now is the time to make creating jobs at home and supporting small businesses – both existing and new – a major priority.

Over the next few weeks I look forward to working with my colleagues and residents in an effort to specifically address these two issues. County staff has done incredible work to responsibly manage the budget and now is the time to develop and implement meaningful and lasting solutions to finally rid our County of temporary classrooms and lay the groundwork for substantial job creation and business expansion.”



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