Woodbridge Town Centers Included in Regional Planning

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Earlier this year, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) published an updated map identifying the region’s top 139 Activity Centers.   While each Activity Center varies in size, type, and stage of development, they all share the same basic concept: concentrate development in strategically planned areas that have the infrastructure in place to support it.  Three of the 139 Centers on the new map are located in Woodbridge, including North Woodbridge, Potomac Town Center, and Potomac Shores.

COG Activity Centers Map

COG Activity Centers Map

According to COG, the updated map is a necessary step to “support land use planning, help guide investments in infrastructure and development, and analyze growth”. COG’s Region Forward Coalition is still working on a Strategic Investment Plan that, with the Activity Centers map, will help local governments determine how best allocate limited resources.

“These planning documents are extremely helpful to local governments in marketing these Town Centers to private investors,” says Woodbridge Supervisor Frank Principi.  “There is enormous potential in North Woodbridge for a mixed-use, transit-oriented town center on the water. Now that VDOT is moving forward with the widening of Route 1, it is time for the redevelopment we’ve all been anxiously waiting for”.

To learn more about the COG Activity Centers or the Vision of a New Woodbridge, visit www.NewWoodbridge.org



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