Work to Widen Route 28 Has Begun; No County Money Involved

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Provided by Prince William County

People who travel the Route 28 Corridor in western Prince William County will know that work to realign Vint Hill Road has started. The Vint Hill Road portion is the first phase of a $66-million project to widen Route 28.

“It’s a VDOT primary road; so it’s a major route,” said Prince William County Department of Transportation Division Chief Rick Canizales. “We’re widening from two lanes … to four lanes, from Linton Hall Road on 28 all the way out to Fitzwater Drive. The project is also moving the intersection of Vint Hill Road, where it exists today on Route 28, and putting it over in front of the new Bristow Village entrance, a little further than a quarter-mile up.”

Work to clear land for the road realignment has begun, and Canizales said people should see concrete action soon. “We’ve already got a contract with Branch Highways to do the first piece. They will be out there soon. Construction will start promptly.”

The bidding process for the second phase has opened, and Canizales said the entire project should be finished by 2017. “For the next couple of years, you’ll be seeing construction work, and we ask for everybody’s patience. This is going to be – not only for the county, but for the region – a major improvement out here.”

The Prince William Department of Transportation received regional and federal money along with proffers to build the project. Proffers are voluntary considerations developers give to the county to offset any negative impacts their developments might have on the community.

“The great thing about this project is the fact that there is no bond money being attached to this project,” Canizales said. “The taxpayers of Prince William County are not going to be paying for this road. This road is being paid for by the region, the federal government and developers in that area.”

The significance of the road led to the influx of federal and regional money, Canizales said. “The route 28 corridor is a very important corridor to the region, even beyond our Prince William County borders, into Fauquier, all the way into Fairfax and beyond. It’s what connects Dulles to our jurisdiction right now. It’s a major corridor for Manassas and Manassas Park. Route 28 is a big piece of the regional puzzle, and that’s why the NVTA [Northern Virginia Transportation Authority] considered it for regional funding.”

Canizales said the project would help get traffic “flowing much better in the county.”

Visit the Prince William Department of Transportation’s website for more information.


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