Write by the Rails

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Write by the Rails, the Prince William Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club (www.virginiawritersclub.org), aims to raise the profile of the local literary community and explore ways we can nurture, cultivate and help that community grow.  If you are a writer (published or unpublished) affiliated with Manassas, Manassas Park or Prince William County, consider joining by e-mailing us at writebytherails@gmail.com.  There is no charge to join.  Our website is www.writebytherails.org.  Read selections from 22 of our members in New Departures, an anthology available for $7.00 on www.Amazon.com.



List Price: $7.00

New Departures

Write by the Rails Anthology

New Departures highlights fiction, poetry and memoir by members of Write by the Rails, a group of authors affiliated with Prince William County, Manassas Park, and Manassas, Virginia. The name of the group refers to the strong presence of railroads in the area, while the title of the anthology reflected writing designed to make readers consider ideas from various perspectives. This is the first anthology published by the group, which was founded in 2011.

Publication Date:  Nov 11 2012

Watch the video book trailer by Dan Peacock, spouse of Manassas author Barbara Peacock: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmYn02aGjp0&list=UUp99-k4FwW382x10HvrCR0g&index=1&feature=plcp


Here is the table of contents:


Table of Contents

“Write by the Rails” Cindy Brookshire

“Chapter 24” from A Kind Of Rescue Robert Bausch

“Awaiting Prey” Alexandra Hailey

“Blackwater” Paul Keily

“Deer Thoughts” Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt

“Cure” Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt

“Running” Stuart Schadt

“Traveling the Irish Rails with Norman” Chip Deyerle

“Trains and Sex” Cindy Brookshire

“Innovation in Education” Tracey E. Brooks

“Moment by Moment” Yvette Soliz

“How to Break Up with Your Hairdresser” Carole Keily

“Harsh Words” Leigh Giza

“She Sat on an Egg” Leigh Giza

“Approach to Aging” Jan Rayl

“Creating Likable Characters” Robert Bausch

“Chinese Finger Traps and the Law of Attraction” Peggy Kimmey

“I Trust You” Maggie Rogers

“Him Her” Teddy McCormick

“Portrait of the Author’s Father” Teddy McCormick

“Hat Hair” Alan Meyrowitz

“Between Black and White” Alexandra Hailey

“Spring Smokers’ Company” Alexandra Hailey

“A Love Letter to My Husband” Kelly Harman

“Fixed Price” Maggie Rogers

“General Store 1865” Alan Meyrowitz

“Museum Piece” Dan Verner

“Demeter in the Supermarket” Dan Verner

“Ode to a Pomegranate” Nancy West

“Jane Eyre in the Bowling Alley Dan Verner

“Roll Over in Your Grave, Jane Austen” Nancy West

“Exit” Carole Bellacera

“Under the Canopy” Nancy Kyme

“Leave Nature Alone” June Kilpatrick

“Chincoteague Run” Nancy West

“The Cats Are Driving to Work” Dan Verner

“What I Would Say if I Were a Flight Attendant” Kelly Harman

“My God Rides the Metro” Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt

“Train Song” Dan Verner






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