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1 -Step Brow Gel Fixes Flaws

Wunderbrow comes in four natural looking shades.

Wunderbrow comes in four natural looking shades.

Having come from an age where Brooke Shields eyebrows were the goal for most girls, once it fell out of vogue I had to learn how to groom my eyebrows.  Many a yearbook photo sported my latest attempt at getting it right.   Flash forward a few (thirty) years and big brows are back in.  Except mine aren’t.   What’s a gal to do?

Enter Wunderbrow.  Touted as an easy to use one-step solution to eyebrow shaping, it comes in four shades and says it lasts up to 72 hours.  The question is, can I use it without looking like I used a magic marker to draw in my eyebrows?   I decided to try it and find out.

I chose the “brunette” shade, which I found looked more natural than the brow powder I had been using.  It was easy to apply and was smudge proof.  I would agree that the product lasts 72 hours – three days later it still looked good and held my brows in place.  An added bonus:  it made tweezing and waxing easier because I could shape my brows to stay in place, and remove any hairs that weren’t where I wanted them.

At $22.00, it is worth a try.  They have a money back guarantee.  Check it out at www.wunder2.com


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