Yeah, I Could Go for A Bite!

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By Jennifer Rader

go bites 2School has started, schedules have tightened up a bit and you are looking at a busy holiday season ahead. Keeping energy up, metabolism moving and blood sugar levels maintained can become a challenge when you are constantly on the go. A solution for all that came across our desks recently, GoBites.

What’s a GoBite? It’s a tasty portion-controlled organic snack pack that’s all natural with no preservatives using USDA organic ingredients. Dried fruits, nuts, granola, chocolate and seeds are freshly packed in portion-controlled containers and conveniently shipped to your door as you designate, but we will get to that in a bit.

Along with pineapple, cranberries, walnuts, cashews and other natural ingredients, there is exotic goji berry and rambutan fruit.  Goji berries contain high vitamin content and are slightly sour to some. I enjoyed the unique rambutan fruit which is sweet and resembles an oversized raisin when dried. This fruit can only be found in Southeastern Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia or the Philippines with some varieties also grown in Australia and Costa Rica. offers 25 combinations from savory to sweet. Our sample pack included “Sweet Siam,” “Pomegranate Punch,” “Ceylon Spice Mix,” and “Pineapple Coconut Mix.” “Sweet Siam” was my favorite, which included the rambutan fruit, walnuts and raisins, with the “Pineapple Coconut Mix” a close second. The tastes of all were incredible as it was obvious that preservatives, often found in dried snacks, was missing.

All packs start at one ounce but increase depending on the size of the contents inside the pack. For example, our “Sweet Siam” pack go bitescontained 1.45oz but the “Pineapple Coconut Mix,” stated 1.10oz. Nutrition and caloric content are easily found by clicking on each selection under “Our Menu” at their impressive website,

And, the company makes purchasing so simple. Their website clearly maps out three easy steps which includes your own personal flavor, nutrition and activity profile so that company nutritionists can help create the best shipments of GoBites for you. Or, design your own selection of 14 GoBites, tell them how often you want it delivered to your door and you are done. Too easy!

The next time you need a lunchbox snack for your child, yourself or a gift for a special person, problem solved. Each box of 14 GoBites packs is $27.86 with free shipping. GoBites are only $1.99 per snack pack with loads of value in energy and health.

A certified massage therapist, Jennifer also enjoys researching and writing on holistic health, nutrition and wellness. She can be reached at


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