Young Entrepreneurs Level Up and Thrive at New Woodbridge Community Farmers Market

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Article and photos provided by Fun Markets LLC

Fun Markets, which started April 2022, are local social events that supercharge the ability to reconnect and support local farmers, food vendors, artisan, crafters, young-entrepreneurs, service providers, and small-business owners. While social media is convenient for keeping connected with family, friends, and co-workers, nothing empowers networking for community and relationship building like in-person events.

The management team at Fun Markets LLC has combined the traditional Farmers Market with an Art and Photography Show, Craft Fair, Local Service Company Expo, Food Truck Park, Bake Sale, Start-up Accelerator and Young-Entrepreneur Showcase into one venue. There’s also free live entertainment, magic shows, ballroom dance classes, aerobic dance classes, and more on top.  For more details, go to

A co-founder of Fun Markets LLC, Juan Carlos Arevalo III was nominated for “Who’s Who in Washington, D.C. area” in the 1990s. He has nearly three decades of experience in gorilla marketing and advance promotion techniques of Hollywood films, movie premieres, film festivals, and local area nightclubs/bars/restaurants. As a father, Arevalo is now looking to focus his energy on family-oriented community activities.

Arevalo and his children

One of his concepts is the America’s Young Entrepreneurs’ (AYE) Show, co-located at his venue. Aimed to help teens and/or young adults start businesses, teaching them to push through emotional events and overcome negative thoughts. He believes regardless of financial success, facing business-related anxiety is an important strategy. Stepping outside their comfort zone will condition their psyche and naturally predispose them to face fears unconsciously.

Arevalo has half a dozen teens and young adults joining the market now. He fully expects that number to quadruple with the launch of his new AYE Show campaign. Mr. Arevalo is dedicated to keeping 10-15% of his market spaces allotted to promoting young entrepreneurs. In fact, his daughter Lourdes Isabella and two sons Xavier Alexander and Sebastian Valentino help in all aspects of operations. Lourdes has a soap making business, Xavier has a local honey stand, and Sebastian is the taste-tester for the fresh squeezed lemonade.

Two of Arevalo’s children at Market

Arevalo and Barry Kelly [Arevalo’s 90-year-old business partner] welcome more families to participate. They suggest bringing your K-12 children for the summer too. “Consider this an adventure or a kind of summer camp which builds lifelong skills for the children and young adults. The cost is minimal at $15.00 a weekend, should they elect to rent a 10×10 space for the season. Whereas other markets could charge up to $75.00/day for a similar space.” Fun Markets LLC will also co-create a basic website for the Young-Entrepreneur(s) who sign up for the season. They will also teach them to get listed on Google, submit for a Yelp page, create/submit a press release, and create digital fliers for social media. These are lifelong skills that parents will benefit from learning too.

Arevalo has said that “there are unsupervised and unengaged children and young adult negatively highlighted in the news daily … we need to get those kids into something constructive like what we are offering here at Fun Markets” and “imagine if your children grew up in this business-minded tribe. These relationships are more positive [better influences]and the friendship can be leveraged forever – like an exclusive college prep school. I believe the alumni of this program can be the next business leaders of America.”

Arevalo teaches families the power of compound interest overtime and “if anyone under 24 years old invests $75.00 a week, they will be a millionaire when they reach the retirement age. AYE Show is the means to attain the option for early retirement. As life coach guru like Mr. Tony Robbins personally taught me.”

For more details on the AYE Show, visit

Fun Markets will be held every Saturday, May 28 through Oct. 29, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Potomac Mills Commuter Lot, Woodbridge (at the intersection of Potomac Mills Circle and Potomac Mills Road).


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