Zabb Thai Worth a Try

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By Helena Tavares Kennedy

Zabb Thai offers happy hour, live music, free delivery, catering and
private event hosting.

There are plenty of Thai restaurants in the Prince William area to choose from, but some are a combination of Chinese or other Asian cuisine in addition to Thai food, resulting in not that many truly authentic Thai restaurants. That’s where Zabb Thai steps in and serves up a delicious and diverse menu of Thai cuisine, including popular favorites like Pad Thai.

Zabb Thai, located at 11010 Sudley Manor Drive just a few doors down from the Shoppers grocery store, is owned by local resident TK Chin. Chin also owns Mum Mum, the restaurant he just opened in 2015 across the street from the Hylton Performing Arts Center, and which we covered in our August 2016 issue.

Delicious Thai Cuisine

The most popular dish is Pad Thai, rice noodles stir fried with chicken, shrimp, bean sprouts, and eggs and then topped with peanuts. “Pad Thai is often the most popular item at Thai restaurants,” said Chin. “But I encourage customers to try some of our other amazing traditional Thai dishes like the salt chili pork, Kua-Kling chicken, and chili basil flounder filet.”

Salt chili pork is mildly spicy and consists of crispy pork stir fried with dry spices and crispy fried green beans. Topped with Thai chili basil sauce and served with steamed rice, the chili basil flounder filet is also mildly spicy. If you want to try something with a bit more heat and some serious kick, Kua-Kling chicken fits the bill with its bold and hot spicy combination of Thai herbs used to season ground chicken and served with steamed vegetables and jasmine rice.

10 Years in Business Means Big Changes

Zabb Thai will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year with some exciting changes. While the restaurant hasn’t had a menu change in 10 years and has only increased its prices once in its history, even as food prices increased over the years, Chin was excited to announce the restaurant is completely revamping its menu. To do so, Chin is welcoming Kassara Intarapanich, also known as Chef Sarah, into the kitchen.

Intarapanich is a Northern Virginia Thai cuisine chef, who has cooked for the Thai Embassy and ambassadors, giving credence to her authenticity. Intarapanich will not just bring a new menu and fresh changes to Zabb Thai. She is creating new Thai dishes that no one else in the area offers, which are currently in the works and expected to be available later this spring.

Chin said he also plans on renovating the kitchen and redecorating the restaurant to give it a fresh new look. Another 10th anniversary change is that the restaurant will start offering two new discounts for customers – a senior citizen discount and a military/police force discount. The official policy is still in the works, so stay tuned for details or inquire about it on your next visit.

More Than Just a Restaurant

The delicious food isn’t the only reason to come to Zabb Thai. Stop by Monday through Friday between 4:00 and 7:00 p. m. to enjoy $3 imported draft beer during their Happy Hour specials. “Customers say it’s the best happy hour in town,” Chin said.

On Thursdays from 6:30 p. m. until closing at 10:00 p.m., you can enjoy local live music as you dine in the restaurant. Anyone can bring their instruments and play music to show their artistic talents, and there is no need to sign up beforehand.

If you are in a rush and can’t visit Zabb Thai in person, their delivery and catering services are a convenient option. With a $15 minimum lunch order or $20 minimum dinner order, the restaurant offers free delivery in the Manassas and Bristow areas.

There also is no fee for catering delivery, which makes Zabb Thai a cost-effective option for catering your next event or meeting. If needed, the restaurant can also provide everything you require for your catered event, including buffet servers and warmers to keep the food hot, plates, utensils, drinks, and more.

Perhaps the most surprising feature of this restaurant is that the space can be rented out for special events like weddings, birthday parties, showers, corporate parties, and other events. Zabb Thai can host up to 120 people for private functions, even sometimes extending closing hours for your private event. The best part? You won’t be charged a separate venue fee for your event. Chin said, “We have a lot of experience with weddings and parties even helping people decorate the space, getting them DJs, and taking care of everything for them. We get rid of headaches especially for the brides, who often are the ones doing all the wedding planning.”

Support Local Owned Business

Next time you are looking for a traditional and authentic Thai restaurant, consider Zabb Thai. In doing so, you will support a locally owned business as it celebrates its 10th anniversary, so Chin can continue employing 15 locals and serving delicious food in the region. Zabb Thai’s hours and full menu can be found on its website:

Helena Tavares Kennedy (, a longtime Prince William County resident who is always on the search for new authentic restaurants in the area, is a freelance writer and communications consultant and can also be reached at and


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