Plan a Family Night IN!

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By Jennifer Halter

Although February is the shortest month on the calendar, it can sometimes seem like it drags on forever! There aren’t as many activities happening, getting outdoors is hit-or-miss due to the cold weather, and most people choose to use this month to hibernate and start counting down the days until spring. One fun way to break the monotony is to plan a Family Night in your own home. The possibilities are endless as to what
you can do and what you can choose in terms of themes, but here are a few ideas.

Make Your Own Pizza Party

This is a great option for families who have children of various ages as little ones can get involved, too. You
can buy pre-made crusts or make your own dough, have sauce, cheese and a variety of your favorite pizza
toppings on hand. Each family member can make his/her own creation and then enjoy together. A fun twist on this activity could be to turn this into a family cooking show or competition.

Board Games

You probably have several board games in the closet collecting dust, so pull them out for a night of play.
Depending on the size of your family, you could have several games taking place at once or play one game
at a time as a group. Don’t forget the playing cards for games such as Go Fish for the younger ones.

Movie Night and Popcorn Bar

What’s a movie night without popcorn? You can have a great time creating your own variations of this movie treat with a few simple add-ons. If you have a sweet tooth, you can add melted chocolate, candy sprinkles, crushed cookies, caramel sauce, mini chocolate candies or brownie pieces. Enjoy salty and savory flavors? Try adding garlic, onion powder, dill, seafood seasoning or grated parmesan cheese.

Indoor Camping

Grab the sleeping bags (or even a tent) and set up camp in your living room for the night. Tell campfire stories, eat foods that you would eat if you were really camping and limit the use of electronics to help create the feeling of being in the great outdoors. You can also set up a make-your-own trail mix station, so each family member can create a special treat for the night.

Jennifer Halter ( is the founder of Macaroni Kid in Woodbridge and Gainesville. 


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