‘Week of Hope’ Youth Group Helps Project Mend-A-House Residents in Manassas

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2013 Week of Hope(MANASSAS,VA) – Project Mend-A-House (PMAH) has partnered with Group Cares, to sponsor ‘Week of Hope’ a national service-oriented mission trip for church youth groups based out of Loveland, Colorado.

This past week, a youth group of seven, led by Don McCubbin, PMAH Volunteer Project Coordinator, worked through the extreme heat and assisted a 78 year-old PMAH resident in yard and landscape clean-up.  Activities included: sidewalk replacement, gutter cleaning, removal of tree limbs, the spraying of algaecide on structural surfaces, and the removal of yard waste and debris.

Coincidentally, this project could not have come at a better time.   Subsequent to their arrival, the volunteers learned that the 78 year-old resident had just received written notice from her homeowners association that her insurance would be cancelled within 30 days due to the unsafe condition of the sidewalk, the overgrown vegetation and the poor general appearance of the property. Don McCubbin, PMAH Volunteer Project Coordinator stated that, thanks to the youth volunteers, “hopefully the loss of insurance will not happen now.”

A second project involved a resident who needed assistance in organizing and removing unwanted items from her home.  A crew of young adults removed 30 bags of items and helped this resident to organize her household so that she could continue to live independently and more safely in her own home.  Kevin Tamai, a PMAH volunteer, later commented that these “young adults are a blessing to our PMAH residents.”

Next week a different group will be working in Woodbridge, VA.

PMAH welcomes tax-deductible donations to help this nonprofit continue to serve low-income residents in Prince William County, the City of Manassas, and Manassas Park.  Donations directly benefit those whom Project Mend-A-House serves.  In addition, “We are always looking for more volunteers to help us with our mission,” Don McCubbin said.  To volunteer, make a donation, sponsor a project or just learn more about PMAH, visit www.pmahweb.org.  You can also call the PMAH office at 703-792-7663, Monday-Friday 8-2pm.


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